Dorset Naga was originally a selected strain from Naga Morich variety. The heat and popularity among the British Bangladeshi community gave this variety a seat among ‘The Round Table of Hot Chilli Peppers’. You could call these two varieties cousins of ‘The Naga Family’.

In 2005 the heat level was measured by two laboratories in the USA and the average was an astounding 923,000 SHU. Another crop was measured  in 2006 and showed a higher result at 960,000 Scoville Heat Units.

“Are there any difference between this two varieties”? Yes, the Dorset is shorter and bushier than the Naga Morich and produces slightly less fruit. What is really unique is the two pedicels per node the Dorset displays.

This chilli variety would be a great choice for making your own hot sauce or a super hot chilli powder.

Flavour Wise: Fruity, like orange and pineapple mixed together.

Heat level:  EXTREME

"Dorset Naga" Pepper 8 Seeds (Capsicum Chinense)

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