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The Yellow Devil’s Tongue Chilli Pepper is one of the more mysterious, tasty, and hot peppers around. It’s origins are somewhat vague, but it is speculated that came from the Caribbean some time ago. The chilli pepper is a member of the Habanero family and possibly was developed from other Habanero strains and Fataliis. The little devil has a long, slightly bumpy and curved shape that looks like a tongue, hence its name. Its yellow in color but there are other colour variations of this chilli pepper. Taste wise this pepper has a fruity and citrus like composition and a nutty flavor with very thick walls.

The Devil’s Tongue is a rare and extremely hot pepper. It is similar in shape to the Fatalii but is a bit sweeter. The Devil’s Tongue has a good yield. The pods color from green to golden yellow. The pods are about 5 to 7 cm long and have a diameter of 2.5 to 4 cm. The plant is about 100 cm tall.

"Devil's Tongue Yellow" Pepper 8 Seeds (Capsicum Chinense)

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