Costa Rica Orange

C. Frutescens

Approx 100,000-150,000 SHU


We got seeds of this beauty from THSC as a natural variant of the Red Chilli Costa Rica. If you love chilies that stand out in the garden then this is one for you. It has deep dark black/green foliage with the leaves turning darker the more sun it gets. The pods are almost a fluorescent orange which contrasts amazingly with the black leaves. Just a stunner. Size wise the plant grows incredibly compact to around 60-70cms with the pods 2-3cm wide and long. Despite being more an ornamental the flavor is salty and tangy and we think it would make an interesting vibrantly colored chill powder. These photos are of the exact peppers seeds I'm selling.

"Costa Rica Orange" Hot Chili Pepper 8 Seeds (Capsicum Frutescens)

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