Sweet, very richly bearing pepper with pointed, dark red fruits. Raw or as a vegetable. High plant growth, medium late. For greenhouse and warm outdoor locations.
As the name already suggests, here is a hearty pepper variety from our Turkish friends. In the Pepperworld Test Cultivation 2011, the plants thrived excellently both in the greenhouse and in the open field and produced beautiful red-ripened fruits in both cases at the end of August. The berries grow to a length of 17-18 cm and ripen from pale green to light orange to a beautiful rich red. Then they are wonderfully sweet and are suitable for eating raw, for salads, and they make a good antipasti when roasted and skinned on the grill. You can even fill them ("Chiles Rellenos"). The plants grow 70 to 130 cm high and should be planted at a distance of 50 cm.
If you don't want to grow only spicy varieties, you should definitely try this Turkish local variety for the coming season - in any case, it will always be grown here in the future. Pods are also very good in salads or BBQ.

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"Antalya Dan" Pepper 8 Seeds (Capsicum Annuum)

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